The Idea behind G corp started out in 2016 when the founders came to GP for work in the old field. Needless to say finding a decent place to stay was a real problem. It was either kids running around in the unit above us, or dogs barking when trying to sleep. Once even had parties upstairs every night. As the issues continued and moving became a regular part of life, we decided to buy our own homes and rent out the basements. But we didn’t stop there, we furnished them with high end furnitures and made the suites all inclusive. We then selected our clients based on the clientele that could afford the luxury of clean, quiet, respectful, easy accommodations. We did not allow pets, kids, college students and we employed full time housekeeping staff to work weekly at cleaning the suite while clients were at work. This proved to be a niche market and the high end clients started staying with us every time they were in GP. We expanded to 19 units across the city offering a quick painless way to book, enter, and leave the accommodations all via web for client convenience. Now a client can call from anywhere, leave a deposit after taking video tour to book unit, pay months rent and receive access code for unit, then all left to do was to show up and head to work the next morning. Clients loved it and we stayed at the 19 units for a while concentrating on quality of living for clients instead of quantity. 

G Corp cleaning staff did such a great job now even offering laundry services that we decide to launch a full blown cleaning division and G Corp cleans was launched. Focusing on residential cleaning and commercial janitorial, we were able to reach a wide variety of clients and the staff grew to 8 immediately. The G Corp Girls were loved by all the clients and the referrals so much we almost got behind on our own units, growing pains of course.

From there clients kept asking if we knew of moving companies to help before move out cleans took place. We used a local company for our moving needs and we started forwarding clients to them, unfortunately they didn’t adhere to our strict customer service demands. So we formed G Corp Ez Move and got started with one of the moving pros in town. Before we knew it we had scheduled moves across the city, long hauls and short moves, then delivery call started coming in so we flat rated deliveries for those companies and started working with them to get their product to the end user. We questioned why we were advancing so fast in the moving and delivery and started doing some market research. Apparently we were the most inexpensive for our services and the clients loved it. This begged one question, how can we afford to do it cheaper than the rest ???  Long story short it was because we bundled 3 companies under one roof using multitalented team members to service the great city, keeping our staff busy they continued to provide the customer service to our clients and build solid relationships. Mainly instead of pocketing the saved overhead we passed the savings back to the clients putting us under par with market pricing.

In conclusion the G Corp team has hustled to build a multi industry service offering savings the whole way. With amazing multi talented staff we continue to provide personable, fast, efficient service to the wonderful city of GP.  We felt is necessary to share a little about us. Call us at G Corp today, we would love to hear a little about you and how we can help.

our mission statement is for all G Corp team mates to  create value by turning a great customer service into a great customer experience.