G Corp Services Grande Prairie & Area

Investing in residential or commercial real estate can bring up many challenges. G-Corp Industries is a full-service company that offers an unmatched level of value to its customers by providing the following services:

Disinfection Services

At G Corp Cleans we provide professional cleaning and sanitization processes that not only keep your home clean and tidy, but sanitized to keep your family safe especially during theses times. Cleaning procedures at G Corp will keep you Covid free on our cleaning/ Sanitization programs.

Steam Cleaning / Carpet Extraction

G Corp Steams, Hiring G Corp you will get the comfort fo knowing they are not only licensed and insured to operate in GP, but we are fully equip'd to steam clean furniture, carpets, area rugs, beds, vehicles. Professional carpet extraction will guarantee that there is very little we cannot handle for cleaning your space.

Vehicle Detailing

Bring your vehicle to our shop or let us come to you for onsite or pick up / drop off. What ever it is we are here to serve you in your current status. Professional vehicle detailing at G Corp can keep your home, business, and now you vehicle clean, safe, and sparkling. Book your Vehicle detail today!

Commercial Janitorial

Commercial janitorial programs can keep your offices, buildings, showrooms, reception areas, or shops shining. With fully customizable cleaning programs we can cater your commercial cleaning program to your cleaning preference and budget.

Cleaning and janitorial

Cleaning isn't always the way we want to spend our time. G Corp Cleans, has you covered from move ins/outs, maintenance, scheduled programs, realtor deals, to full janitorial and camp cleaning.

We will Buy your rental

We offer years of experience and a personalized approach towards purchasing your property that’s based on professionalism, honesty and integrity.Whether it’s a large country house, or a condominium, we can prepare a purchase plan that will work for you.