G Corp Services Grande Prairie & Area

Investing in residential or commercial real estate can bring up many challenges. G-Corp Industries is a full-service company that offers an unmatched level of value to its customers by providing the following services:

Packing Services

We’ll prepare you for your move As the day for moving approaches, the idea of having to pack all the items of your home or office can be overwhelming. G-Corp EZ Move is a full-service company offering you with a complete moving solution. Our Grande Prairie professional movers will be with you every step of the way to make sure all belongings and articles that need to be moved are properly packed and safe for the journey ahead.

Moving Services

Once our workers have properly packed all the items that need to be moved, they will load the trucks and transport your belongings to your new home. One of the things that sets our services apart from the rest is that we provide a reliable boxing service, Grande Prairie moving containers, along with fast delivery, making sure you do not have to wait to see your belongings at your new address.

Delivery Services

G-Corp EZ Move offers reliable and on time delivery services for residents of Grande Prairie. We are considered as the go-to choice by homeowners and professionals who are looking for a service to deliver boxes, parcels, important documentation, and other packages throughout Grande Prairie and beyond. One of the things that set our delivery service apart from the rest is that we provide same-day delivery within Grande Prairie. If you want something important delivered safely within a limited amount of time, then we are your best choice. Our Grande Prairie delivery service saves you both time and money.


We are fully committed to providing all our clients with full-service moving solutions that include storage facilities. We will identify adequate storage facilities that are safe and affordable for your belongings.

Cleaning and janitorial

Cleaning isn't always the way we want to spend our time. G Corp Cleans, has you covered from move ins/outs, maintenance, scheduled programs, realtor deals, to full janitorial and camp cleaning.

We will Buy your rental

We offer years of experience and a personalized approach towards purchasing your property that’s based on professionalism, honesty and integrity.Whether it’s a large country house, or a condominium, we can prepare a purchase plan that will work for you.