Picking Service Providers

Picking service providers

Long overdue is a small excerpt on picking service providers. Because no one likes surprises when completing a transaction. Let it be relationships, leasing, moving, transactions, ETC.

picking service providers should be no exception. Doing a bit of research on them will help you greatly in the long run. Checking facebook pages, web pages, google reviews, and word of mouth reviews go a long way. I believe one major way to pick your provider is to look at the lead figures in the company, what is their management strategy when dealing with their team. Are the bosses or leaders?

The term “Like a Boss” seems to come to my mind while writing this and how this term is used heavily to describe a level of success where you are above others in your skill and demeanour. I believe this to be such a horrible description of the word. The term describes someone who must separate themselves from others on their team to force a position of power over the rest. To need a title for who they think they are. They demand, push around, dictate, and force their will on others, believing they own the team and that they are owed. Not to say all are like this, but the term boss? why not lead or manger?

According to Sue Andrews, business and HR consultant at KIS Finance, a key difference is that a boss’s authority comes from their position, whereas a leader’s authority comes from their ability to influence others.

“A boss is there to ensure that employees follow the rules of an organization, but a leader will encourage others to think for themselves to achieve the desired ends,” Andrews told Business News Daily. “A boss will need to give orders to instruct others what to do, but a leader can inspire others to find the best way forward, whilst motivating them to maximize their potential.”

Although subordinates only follow bosses because they have to, bosses can grow their influence through encouraging behavior, added Ken Gosnell, CEO of CEO Experience (CXP).

“You can grow your influences by caring for your team, listening to their thoughts and ideas, and sharing the ‘why’ behind the decisions and actions that you take,” said Gosnell. “This is a second step in leadership, but it makes all the difference, and people will follow you because they want to, and not just because they have to.”

A leader will work with the team leading by example and pushing harder than the rest to set the pace. Bringing standards to a new hight everyday. Solving problems with the team instead of demanding it get fixed. They create value by building their team from the working individual into business associates. Building the team will allow them to flourish while leaders lead into bettering and building further into the industry they are in. Now and then the team will push forward an exceptional team mate. They will become pillars in the company take management form and propelling into greatness.

At G Corp this is our process. the above being said there will always be a huge turnover of bad attitudes and team-mates that just don’t fit the culture. we allow them to leave and propel elsewhere. We encourage the growth of even the newest team member no matter the size, growth is growth and in small steps will take you to new levels if you stick with it. So we encourage everyday.

Leadership can make or break a company and looking to their management staff to see how they develop or work with the team mates in their team will tell you many things about the service provider you are about to hire. you don’t want to hire a boss. you wan to hire a team of leaders.

In conclusion i have been part of many companies and watching their leaders and bosses has helped me develop this mindset of the distinction between bosses and leaders. Watching bosses take part in petty arguments and belittling their team to look important or for own selfish reasons. they split the team apart and look to get others fired and make themselves look good in the process. Unfortunately the owners sometimes cannot see this as they depend so much on the bosses they employ to manage the team. They do such a great job at pulling the wool over the owners eyes.

Why go into so much detail? Because if you’re ever faced with observing this type of behaviour you can now recognize it for the cancerous nature that this boss is made of. This type of cancer will work its way through the whole company and stop at none to destroy the very culture of the company.

So how will you know all this before picking service providers? Simple ask the people in charged if they are the boss around there or if they are the lead. Depending on they’re answer you will have yours. Of course this isn’t the only way but now you will be more in tuned with the process of determining which particular service provider you will likely use.

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